Miniature Floor Loom


I grew up with a mother who was a professional weaver. I still have vivid memories of the sound of my mothers loom, as she worked on one or another of her many projects. Although she died 1987 I still carry those memories. After her death I donated her looms to a local weaving group and went on with my life.

The loom project I guess got started the moment I built my first piece of furniture. From that moment, I wanted to build a loom, and I think I knew it would have to be my mom’s favourite loom. Little did I know how challenging that would be.

Over the last 7 or 8 years I tried many times to find plans for a loom online and in various weaving publications and never managed to find plans or even a picture of the type of loom my mother had used and had more or less given up even trying to, when my wife Nancy suggested I contact the Weavers Guild in my hometown and find out where my mom’s loom was. We were able to track it down, and bring it back home, where it was set up in the spare room as I took measurements and pictures.

Eventually, I was able to recreate the piece in maple, brass, and silver.     

After MUCH trial and error, I was able to string the loom, so it s now, clearly a "working" loom.  

This piece is very complex and would take at least 2 months to recreate.  

5 x 3 x 5 "

This is a 1/12th dollhouse miniature suitable for a collector, and not a children's toy. 

OUT OF STOCK-  CUSTOM BUILD OF AT LEAST 3 MONTHS-  contact for more exact timeline